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Our suboxone clinics work by appointment only. We have a number of nurse practitioners and doctors that prescribe Suboxone so same day appointments may be available at Suboxone Docs Near Me.

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Patient Advocacy

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days annually, Suboxone Docs Near Me patient advocates are available in the suboxone clinics or by phone. Anytime a patient is in need, we are there for them!

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Insurance Accepted

Is Medicaid accepted by Suboxone Docs Near Me? Yes, we are currently accepting new patient addicted to opioids and we do work private and state insurance providers.

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Since 1993

Suboxone Doctors Near Me: Offering Hope for the Hopeless

Finding a suboxone doctor near me isn’t always easy, but for healing from opiate addiction it is a must. If you’re seeking a doctor who provides suboxone in a medication-assisted treatment clinic, it’s not going to happen by simply searching around online. Looking for a suboxone doctors near me and finding one can be difficult but read on further to find out more information about who we are and what we do.

Why Are There Not Enough Suboxone Doctors Near Me?

The difficulty with finding a suboxone doctor is primarily due to not enough providers are licensed and trained for medication-assisted treatment. If a doctor takes and passes an 8-hour course and meets other legal qualifications, they become eligible for a special waiver to treat addiction using certain medications. A physician who is trained and licensed to prescribe suboxone can only treat up to 30 patients at a time, which is another reason why it is so hard to find a suboxone doctor accepting new patients.

How Can a Suboxone Doctor Increase Patient Limits?

Under a federal law passed in 2000, an authorized physician who has submitted their original intent at least one year ago can also increase the number of patients they are allowed to legally treat. From an original 30 patients, a provider, if approved, could increase their caseload to a maximum of 100 patients. Our providers are ready to accept new patients, have no waiting list, accept private payment, medical insurance and state Medicaid, in order to make our services easily accessible and affordable.

What is Our Suboxone Doctors Near Me Doing to Make Treatment Accessible?

Our suboxone clinics are not always located in an easily accessible location for patients seeking our medication-assisted treatment. In order to bridge the gap between patient and provider, our clinic is adapting our services to include a telemedicine option for those who live in remote areas and for those who may not otherwise have an opportunity to visit our facility in person. It is the goal of incorporating a telemedicine program that it will bring vitally important MAT services to those who need it most.

Have you ever heard about telemedicine?

While telemedicine may seem like a new concept, in the internet world things move at lightning speed. With rapid changes in technology taking place, hospitals and physicians are now using the internet and telemedicine services to reach out to patients in remote areas. It’s the belief of our suboxone doctors near me that telemedicine makes medication-assisted treatment easier to access, allows someone to receive immediate care for an urgent condition and offers patients 24/7 access to medical care with an on-call doctor.

Does Suboxone Cause Side Effects?

As with any medication, suboxone use brings with it a number of common side effects. Headaches are one of the most common affects reported from people receiving suboxone. By staying hydrated or using over-the-counter pain remedies the issue usually resolves with no other problems. Dry mouth and constipation are some other side effects reported by suboxone users, by drinking extra water, observing a healthy diet and using stool softeners, these problems can be quickly resolved. Of all the side effects reported by suboxone users the problems usually go away within a matter of several days with minimal effort. If you want to discuss the potential side effects of suboxone, we recommend you contact our clinic for further assistance.

What is Precipitated Opiate Withdrawal?

Precipitated withdrawal happens when an antagonist or partial antagonist is administered in a person suffering from opiate addiction. Due to how the buprenorphine component of suboxone acts within the brain, the partial opiate agonist displaces agonist opiates from the mu receptors, without activating those receptors to an equivalent degree, it precipitates withdrawal syndrome. The naloxone portion of suboxone doesn’t cause precipitated withdrawal, contrary to popular belief. To receive more information about precipitated withdrawal, it’s a good idea to do what I did and consult with suboxone doctors near me.

What is Suboxone Treatment Like?

For someone to have the best possible chance at recovering from opioid use disorder, contacting a suboxone doctor near me is a start to making it happen. In order to be considered for medication-assisted treatment at our clinic, the first thing a person must do is consult with our doctor and answer some questions. After being approved for treatment, a person will go through a physical examination, participate in the intake process and be given the first dose of suboxone. There is more involved when going through MAT, but the above information is just designed to give you some kind of idea about what to expect.

Contact A Suboxone Near Me Now Because Help is Waiting:

Through contacting a suboxone doctor near me, I was able to finally put an end to my miserable addiction to opiates. If you’ve been searching endlessly for a suboxone clinic accepting new patients and with no waiting list, you can pick up the phone and call us right now. Suboxone doctors at our clinic accept private medical insurance, state Medicaid, and private pay patients because we believe easily accessible services are important to our goal of saving lives.

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